Voltar Observership Program for Physicians (International)


The observership program for physicians is not accepting applications during the pandemic.


The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Escola Paulista de Medicina – UNIFESP, offers a short-term Clinical Observership Program (with no patient contact) for physicians enrolled in an Ophthalmology Residency Program in Brazil and abroad, in all subspecialties.
Visiting physicians can observe the faculty activities in the clinic and OR, as well as attend conferences, clinical rounds and Grand Rounds. Observerships are expected to be in one subspecialty only, and to have the duration from one to four weeks, upon approval and availability.
Applicants should submit: (1) a short CV, (2) a letter explaining how the Observership will contribute to their career, and (3) a letter from their program director authorizing the activity.

For further application information, please contact:
Mrs. Rosi Martins
Please allow 3-6 months to process your international application.

Observers are required to carry $150,000USD accident and sickness medical benefits minimum, Emergency medical  evacuation of $25,000USD, Return of Mortal Remains – $10,000USD, and Emergency Dental for accidents $500USD. [If applicable: with a deductible $250USD to $500USD (insurance company will pay 80% of the first $5,000USD of eligible expenses, and the 100% of the remaining eligible expenses)]

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